Hera Syndulla – ESFJ

Hera is a fantastic example of an xSFJ type. She has that Si-Fe blend of prioritizing other people’s good while working to maintain social order. As an extrovert, she lives in the outer world. For her, this involves an active interest in helping other people. She teaches Ezra, “if all you do is fight for your own life then your life is worth nothing.” It’s a belief she lives by as well.Hera - ESFJ | CostumesAndCharacters.wordpress.com

Space Mom

SFJ characters are often stereotyped as a “mother” figure and we get to see why in the way Hera leads and cares for her crew. Somehow, she’s turned a bunch of homeless misfits into a close family. And, as is typical of dominant Extroverted Feeling (Fe) types, she puts extra effort into maintaining harmony among her crew (such as sending Zeb and Ezra on a wild meiloorun chase so they can bond in S1E2).

Hera’s relationships with Ezra and Sabine are where we most see her maternal side. I think it’s adorable how she and Kanan call them “the kids.” And if you’ll look closely, you’ll see her ship is pretty much the only one in science fiction where everyone wears their seat belt.

Hera - ESFJ | CostumesAndCharacters.wordpress.com

A Larger Movement

When Hera’s little group of rebels realizes there’s a larger rebellion out there, she’s initially the only one who’s really concerned with working in a larger movement. If you read A New Dawn, you see her focus from the very beginning has been on working to save the entire galaxy.

As a dominant Fe type, Hera makes decisions based on what’s best for her social groups. And for her, this concern for other people encompasses everyone. She won’t be content with just keeping her family safe and making a small difference at the grass-roots level, as the more individualistic ISTP Kanan wanted to do.

Her galaxy-wide focus is also where the ESFJ’s tertiary Extroverted Intuition (Ne) shows up. This function is about exploring and putting together patterns in the larger world. Hera uses it to look at the larger picture and consider the future implications of her actions.Hera - ESFJ | CostumesAndCharacters.wordpress.com

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